At MumaBuba, we offer safe and effective tailored exercise classes for mums-to-be and new mums.

FAQ Page

Not at all! ALL fitness levels are catered for and the workout is tailored accordingly.
Yes! Symptoms of pregnancy can change on a daily/weekly basis, and we can work around whatever symptoms you are feeling on that day. Just be sure to let me know.
Yes. As long as you have had your 6/8week check and been given the all clear to exercise, then no problem.
Unfortunately not. If you know in advance that you cannot make a class, then you won’t be charged for that one when paying for the course. However, if you have already paid for the course, no refunds can be made, but you will be offered the opportunity to come to another class during that course instead, or, at the discretion of the coach, you may be allowed to carry over a maximum of 1 class into the next course.
Yes, absolutely. As long as your baby can stay in a car seat, buggy or pram, that’s not a problem. We understand that having your baby there can be a bit of a distraction from your exercise class, so we just ask that you do your best to multi-task (as all mums do!)
No two classes will be the same. However, during a 1 hour class, I will ask how everyone is feeling and please let me know any problems you may have that day (or if you would like to talk to me separately, please ask). We will then have a general and specific warm up for what we are going to do. We may well have a ‘skill’ session where we learn how to do something and work on technique, and this would then be followed by a ‘workout.’ This is paced how you need to! Don’t feel any pressure to do more than you feel you can put in that day. The aim is to energise you, get you fitter and stronger, so that you can better deal with your pregnancy, labour or looking after your baby. You get out what you put in, but as progress through the different stages of pregnancy, your work capacity will lower, so we will tailor your workout accordingly. We will often finish off with some stretching or mobility movements.

Class Timetable

Tuesdays 12:30 – 13:30 Pre & Postnatal

Thursdays 11:30 – 12:30 Pre & Postnatal